Friday, February 26, 2010

Glass Etching using vinyl

Glass Etching is super simple and can make really cute gifts. We etched votive candle holders in our January Stamp Club for Valentine's day. Here are the super simple instructions!

Supplies Needed:
Etching Cream (can be found at any craft store)
Decor Elements Vinyl Sheets (Chocolate Chip used here 114337)
Any punch (Heart to Heart punch used here 113694)
Glass item - candle holder, plate, cup, anything you can think of!
Small paint brush to apply etching cream

Step 1
Cut your vinyl to a small manageable size. I used 3x3 inch pieces for this project. Punch the vinyl to create your template.

Step 2
Apply the punched vinyl to your glass object. Brush out any air bubbles that form - especially those around the punched area. If you just can't get them out, peel off the vinyl and start again. I made my fair share of mistakes and was able to peel and stick the vinyl quite a few times before it started loosing it's stick.

Step 3
Once the vinyl is on, brush on your etching cream. I put quite a bit a bit on and found that dabbing it on worked best.

Step 4
Read the instructions on your etching cream to know how long to let it sit. Mine only had to sit for a couple of minutes, but I was trying to multitask and ended up leaving it on for more like 10. Oops! Once the time is up, you can just rinse off the etching cream and peel away the vinyl.

Here is the end result!

***Tip*** While I used the 3x3 piece of vinyl to create the 3 etched hearts, you could also use the punched shapes to etch around them and create the opposite look.

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